Visa Requirements


Irrespective of the nationality of a visitor and his or her family members, there are NO VISA requirements to enter Seychelles. However, the following documents must be shown in order to obtain immigration clearance at the Seychelles International Airport:

- A passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry to Seychelles.

- Return or onward ticket.

- Proof of accommodation; including contact details.

- Sufficient funds for the duration of the stay.

Presentation of all of the above documents will grant you a Visitor’s Permit that will be issued upon arrival by the Seychelles Department of Immigration.

The Visitor’s Permit is initially valid for one month. It can be extended for a period of up to three months from the date of issue and capable of further extensions for successive periods not exceeding three months at a time to a maximum period of 12 months, provided that the person still meets the criteria of a bona fide visitor.

The visitor's permit is issued free of charge for the first three months after which there is a fee of SCR1,000 for extension covering each period of three months or any part thereof.

Maximum stay in Seychelles: 30 days

For all visa exemptions and extensions and other enquiries regarding immigration issues please contact: 

Department of Immigration
Independence House
PO Box 430, Victoria
Mahe, Seychelles
Tel: +248 29 36 36
Fax: +248 22 50 36